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TEAMS ERP with Integrated SIS — the Power of One

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"Having a single database relate all of the variables involved with the education of our students allows us the ultimate in information access, which translates into better decision-making as we continue to improve student learning."

Jim Hirsch
Associate Superintendent for Academic and Technology Services
Plano ISD

"As a single relational database, all our data, regardless of the module being used, is securely stored in one location."

Alice Ramos
Technology Director
San Elizario ISD


"The support from Prologic has been tremendous. Training has been very professional, problems have been addressed and resolved quickly and the system design has proven to be extremely capable and reliable."

Terry Driscoll
Executive Director
Information Systems Department
Lubbock IS

Human Resource:

"With TEAMS, our HR staff is finally able to track our staffing changes, (incoming, outgoing and current) and match that data to our student, financial and state reporting. Being able to leverage that information for use with our student system is a great advantage."

Kevin Bogue
Information Systems Coordinator
Tyler ISD


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! It would normally take me two days to budget for the district-wide copiers but with TEAMS it took me only 15 minutes!"

Betty Knox
Purchasing Department
Arlington ISD

Student Management:

"We are now seeing efficiencies in every SIS and accounting process, resulting in time savings up to 50%-75%. What used to take 40 hours in our previous system may now take 2 hours."

Frankie Jackson
Chief Technology Officer
Goose Creek CISD

Texas PEIMS Reporting:

“Our last student software regularly took 16 hours to build PEIMS records and when there was a problem with the build, the solution was to ‘clear and rebuild. Now, it takes a few minutes to build an entire submission so I rebuild every day, up to the last week of the submission. I've been the PEIMS Coordinator for 20 years and TEAMS has changed my life.”

Sandy Frederick,
PEIMS Coordinator
Arlington ISD


"The extensive and complete Referential Integrity constraints built into the TEAMS database tables was essential in our being able to troubleshoot and fix the PCN problems we encountered on Friday and over the weekend. I just wanted to let everyone know how valuable that feature of TEAMS proved. It did what R.I. is supposed to do, which is keep the data in an internally consistent state. Declared R.I. in the database is advocated by every single competent database modeler, developer, and DBA. The events of this past weekend were just a part of the value that the R.I. in TEAMS brings to us.

I just wish our other entire Vendors' databases had such complete R.I. built in as TEAMS does."

Database Administrator
Austin ISD

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