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"Having one core administrative database, able to keep historical, current and future-data information has given us power over our data we have always lacked. Our campus staff now have easy and secure access to the information needed to serve our students....the data is all connected in real time."

Kevin Bogue
Information Systems Coordinator
Tyler ISD

"As a single relational database, all our data, regardless of the module being used, is securely stored in one location."

Alice Ramos
Technology Director
San Elizario ISD
What is The Power of One?

The Power of One is the power districts have to leverage their data and technology within the core TEAMS infrastructure to meet new challenges as they arise with integrated solutions that save time and money. The TEAMS infrastructure combines modern technologies, including J2EE standards, open systems architecture, and a single, relational database—all in a Web-based solution that was built for and with school districts. Prologic's goal is to provide the most complete, industry-intelligent solution available on the K-12 market.

With the Power of One, the tools you need to manage your district are in one ERP solution.
With the Power of One, the tools you need to manage your district are in one ERP solution. All your data is in one secure database and accessible in 100% real-time. Processes are integrated, which means data and technology are leveraged across modules within the TEAMS ERP and your district can meet the demands of multiple business units within the same software platform. With TEAMS, you have the power to use your data, technology and your ERP to react to a dynamic instructional environment and adapt to the needs of the day.

Advantages of the Power of One
  • Supports decision-making with 100% real-time, actionable data district-wide
  • Streamlines processes
  • Leverages ERP technologies across modules
  • Reduces the risk of duplicate data and data entry errors
  • Increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Eliminates the need for multiple third-party products
  • Increases communication district-wide
  • Adaptable to change and scalable to growth
  • Costs less than other systems to manage

Let us show you TEAMS—The Power of One.
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