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"As a single relational database, all our data, regardless of the module being used, is securely stored in one location."

Alice Ramos
Technology Director
San Elizario ISD
TEAMS for Integrated Modules

TEAMS gives your district integration with business intelligence. Information is pulled from Student, Finance, and/or Human Resources modules to build a synergistic utility that maximizes the power you have over your data. For example, your district can define electronic notifications to alert staff across departments to events you define, such as approvals, denied requests, or new student enrollment. Integrated business rules enable you to include your district's best practice procedures in your implementation of the TEAMS ERP.

With TEAMS Security, you have an increased level of control over what users can access—from entire modules, down to the granular level of entry fields on a page. Security is assigned to positions, not to people, which streamlines the security management process. Security access can be set quickly and efficiently, and if a person changes positions, his or her security settings are automatically reset for the new position assignment.

TEAMS Integration Streamlines Substitute Management
The TEAMS ERP integrates across modules and departments to streamline your substitute management process. When a teacher reports an absence, TEAMS recognizes the responsibilities of that teacher and locates the most appropriate substitutes for the position. These substitutes are notified and can accept the job online. The substitute selected for the job is granted security access to the role-specific functionality needed to successfully fulfill the responsibilities of the position. Finally, once it is approved, a check is produced for the substitute using TEAMS' Payroll module.

Integrated Modules
  • State Reporting
  • Security Maintenance
  • System Notifications
  • Process Management Workflow
  • Service Logs
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Embedded Reports
  • Copy Center / Print Shop
  • After School Care

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