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"Having a single database relate all of the variables involved with the education of our students allows us the ultimate in information access, which translates into better decision-making as we continue to improve student learning."

Jim Hirsch
Associate Superintendent for Academic and Technology Services
Plano ISD
TEAMS ERP — A Next-Generation Solution for the K-12 Market

These days, people expect information to be accurate and accessible in real-time from anywhere. School districts need a superior enterprise-class solution designed especially for them that gives them a Web-based tool to meet and exceed the expectations of their communities. This solution needs to be flexible and intelligent to enable districts to adapt quickly to changes in variables, such as the regulatory environment or student population.

One solution vendor database.
The TEAMS ERP is the next-generation solution for school districts. The power of TEAMS lies within its single shared database. With this modern design, information is stored as a single data source, eliminating duplicate entry and duplicate data, and is retrievable by anyone authorized in your district. Having accurate, timely information gives your district power over its data. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are increased. Because student and staff records are in one database, reporting is streamlined, and administrators can make decisions supported by real-time information. This is what Prologic calls The Power of One.

  • TEAMS Human Resources modules give your district a global data management tool that provides the ability to effectively analyze the largest segment of a school district's budget.

  • TEAMS Finance Management modules enable your district to more efficiently manage the most complex financial processes in the school district.

  • TEAMS Student Management modules give your district real-time integration of data. Teachers, counselors, and administrators can access and analyze the student information they need immediately after it is entered.

  • TEAMS Integrated modules pull information from Student, Finance, and/or Human Resources modules to build an intelligent, synergistic utility for school districts.

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